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JAG BAIL BONDS, INC. The California Bail Bond Process:



Once the defendant is arrested, they are then taken to the nearest Sheriff Station or Police Station. Here their fingerprints and mugshot are taken. A background check is also completed. This is not a fast process at all and it can take several hours before bail is actually set. You most likely will not have contact with the defendant for a few hours.




Every County is different! Most of them offer what’s called a Bail Schedule. The amount of the bail set is based on the crime committed and is usually determined without seeing a Judge. If no bail is set or the bail can not be paid; the defendant waits in jail until their trial date with the Judge. Otherwise, the bail acts as a guarantee that the defendant will make it to all their court dates.


Here are two main schedules for reference:

County of Santa Clara

County of Alameda


How much is bail?


The total amount is all contingent on what crimes were committed, how many crimes were committed, and the seriousness of those crimes

The good news is, the total amount is not required for release. For example, if bail is set at $50,000; the required amount for release is 10% of $50,000 which is $5,000.


Because this part of the process can prove to be pretty cumbersome, JAG Bails Bonds, Inc. offers customized solutions for every situation!


ready to call a bail bondsman?


With the defendant's Full name, Date of Birth, and location they were arrested; you’re now ready to call JAG Bail Bonds, Inc. With this information, we will be able to determine which jail they are in, the charge(s) being brought against them, and the required bail for their offense(s).


As previously mentioned, 10% of the total bail amount is what is required for release. We will go through all the options available to you.

Once we've discussed the process, we walk you through the bail application. This is a legally binding document that can be completed via fax or email. The document is pretty clear. You are financially responsible for payment of the bond and you are also guaranteeing that the defendant will make all their required court appearances.


We will make sure you are well-informed of all the Terms and Conditions before we accept payment.


Being released (on bail)


Now that the application has been completed and payment for the bond has been paid, JAG Bail Bonds, Inc. goes to the jail ( on your behalf) and presents bail! Once it has been posted, the defendant will be released.


Bonds can be paid and processed 24/7


The act of release can take anywhere from 30 mins to several hours. It all depends on how busy that location is.


what next?


If for whatever reason all court dates have not been fulfilled, the signer of the Bail Application (indemnitor) will be required to pay the court the full amount of the bail.


If all court dates have been fulfilled, a Judge will determine that the Bail Bond has been exonerated. Financial responsibility has been released from you and the defendant.


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